The Shortcut Guide To Protecting Against Web Application Threats Using SSL

Businesses face an increasingly complex set of threats to their Web applications – from malware and advanced persistent threats to disgruntled employees and unintentional data leaks. Although there is no single security measure than can prevent all threats there are some that provide broad-based mitigation to a number of threats. The use of SSL encryption and digital certificate based authentication is one of them. In this shortcut guide, readers will learn how changes in the way we deliver services, the increasing use of mobile devices, the adoption of cloud computing compounded by the ever-evolving means of stealing information and compromising services leave Web applications vulnerable to attack. You will also learn how SSL encryption can protect server to server communications, client devices, cloud resources and other endpoints in order to help prevent the risk of data loss. Readers are provided with a step by step guide to assess their current state of vulnerability, determine where SSL encryption and digital certificate-based authentication is needed, plan for the rollout of SSL to Web applications, and establish policies and procedures to manage the full lifecycle of SSL certificates.

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