4 Reasons To Use All-Flash Storage To Consolidate Cloud Applications

Cloud computing is changing the way organizations develop and deliver applications. Development teams can use private, public or hybrid clouds to quickly set up new infrastructures that don’t impact existing resources or operations. When a project is completed, resources can go back into a centralized pool and be reused. This accelerates time to value and significantly reduces costs.

From a delivery standpoint, cloud models are forcing organizations to ensure that applications are more interoperable, mobile and scalable so that business processes and information are not isolated. Enterprises increasingly view cloud as an enabling technology for more agile, integrated and cost-efficient IT. Cloud is also a critical investment in allowing IT to transition to a service-centric model for application development and delivery.

One of the important ways in which IT teams can be more efficient in developing and delivering applications in private and hybrid cloud environments is by consolidating a larger number of applications on fewer storage systems. The ability to do this type of application consolidation and unlock its many benefits is a direct result of the shift to all-flash storage platforms in data centers.

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