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How Bloomberg is enabling enterprises to make data-driven business decisions

The system brings together real-time data on every market, breaking news, in-depth research, powerful analytics, communications tools and world-class execution capabilities in one fully integrated solution. (Brand connect initiative)

In an age when even well-established companies and industries are losing relevance and struggling to survive, organisations need to use big data and analytics to identify business opportunities in order to succeed. Making business decisions backed up by high-quality data, deep analysis and valuable insights is critical in order to make the most informed business decisions. According to a survey, companies that were mostly data-driven had 4% higher productivity and 6% higher profits than the average.

However, corporate professionals need the right tools to make reliable data driven business decisions. This requires a professional research tool or platform designed to collate the relevant data, provide the analytics to extract actionable insights and present them in an easy to understand format. Only then can an enterprise accelerate its decision making process and make sound business decisions to ensure organisational success.

And Bloomberg, a world’s leading financial services provider, has already created just such a kind of system in the form of Bloomberg Terminal which caters to the needs of different profile segments of an organisation.

Bloomberg, more popular in India for its erstwhile business news channel – Bloomberg UTV and the current business news website – Bloomberg|Quint, is specifically known in trade circles for making business leaders smarter and faster through its new era business intelligence, unmatched global news-gathering, celebrated data superiority, expert analysis and proprietary technology that distils what worldwide business decision-makers need.

The flagship Bloomberg Terminal is one of the most heavily used and highly regarded professional investment systems created for the financial marketplace. Institutional investors are the typical customers of this product. But the system is also widely used by leading banks, financial institutions, corporations, brokers, insurance companies, mutual funds and the public sector undertakings (PSUs).

The system brings together real-time data on every market, breaking news, in-depth research, powerful analytics, communications tools and world-class execution capabilities in one fully integrated solution.

For the C-Suite professionals, the terminal provides tools to manage cash, debt and risk; access in-depth investor analytics to identify potential investors, strategic acquisitions and expansion; keep track of capital markets with equity, fixed income or foreign exchange analytics; and align their hedge activities with macroeconomic and industry movements.

For fund managers, the terminal provides reliable and timely market intelligence to generate portfolio ideas; and fast access to the latest news and in-depth analysis to help them quickly understand the driving forces behind market moves and potential risk exposure.

For tech stakeholders, the terminal provides access to data and information to help them make savvy decisions around cost management, resource optimization and total cost of ownership in the face of ever-shifting regulatory regimes, technological and business disruption, and global scale.

For heads of treasury, the terminal provides a sophisticated, comprehensive and integrated solution to help them streamline their entire cash and risk management workflow, automate processes to save time and move from manual workflows to higher value engagements, such as testing new hedging strategies and easily preparing reports for audits. The system also allows users to monitor risk, make decisions faster, stay ahead of unfolding events, quickly assess hedging opportunities and determine the instruments and percentages that they should hedge based on exposures and correlations.

For compliance officers, the terminal provides technology that securely integrates regulatory compliance across their business from trading to operations to investor services while also providing them the power to control their processes, increase their firm’s efficiency and mitigate liabilities. The system also allows them to communicate with clients and counterparties over secure technology while capturing and storing various data types and other e-communications for future review and analysis.

For risk professionals, the terminal provides a system to gauge end-of-day and intraday risk levels with precision, in today’s complex, interconnected markets. The system also enables them to consolidate all their risk calculations in one place with a complete risk analytics and reporting solution designed to keep them compliant and competitive. In order to help risk managers with quantifying expected losses due to credit in real time and with increased precision, the system provides a robust suite of functionality that both deepens and streamlines the process of calculating counterparty risk exposure — keeping their firm out in front.

Launched in 1981, Bloomberg Terminal is currently being used by about 325,000 of the world’s most influential decision makers to access real-time financial data from markets around the world, business news feeds and messages for making informed investment decisions while reducing risks.

The Bloomberg Terminal also enables its subscribers — spanning finance, business and government professionals — to connect with each other for generating ideas, conducting research or finding trading partners.

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