3 Steps To Dockerize And Migrate Your Java And .Net Apps

For many IT organizations that inherit legacy applications without any documentation or much knowledge about the application dependencies, the task of modernizing these applications while avoiding application code changes becomes overwhelming.  HyperForm drives business innovation by modernizing existing legacy applications without making a single code change and using the existing skill sets within an organization.

The on-the-fly containerization capabilities allow users to “lift and shift” existing Java and .NET applications to containers while taking care of the complex application dependencies, automatic service discovery, auto-scaling and integration with any external service (e.g. storage, networking, logging, etc.). HyperForm transforms non-cloud-native legacy applications into completely portable applications that can take advantage of auto scaling and deployment agility on any cloud.

Migrating existing applications to the cloud can be achieved by completing 3 simple steps. Download this guide for detailed instructions on containerizing and migrating your Java & .NET applications to any cloud.

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